Cosmetic Dentistry Discount Plan


Our Riverside Dental Discount Plan also covers Cosmetic Dentistry

Imag­ine you’re look­ing for a Smile Makeover and want to get Porce­lain Veneers and you are con­cerned about the total fees:


A Smile Makeover by Dr. Lewis-Heywood — 8 Porce­lain Veneers

Depend­ing on the com­plex­ity of the case and your cos­metic desires, a Smile Makeover can run from $1200–$2000/tooth in Albuquerque, so 10 Porce­lain Veneers will cost you $12,000 — $20,000.  But imag­ine that now.…..simply by enrolling in our Riverside Den­tal Dis­count Plan with the $325 enroll­ment fee, you would auto­mat­i­cally receive a TEN PERCENT (10%) DISCOUNT!!!!! That would save you $1200–$2,000 on your Smile Recon­struc­tion by Dr. Lewis-Heywood